naive poetry

We Built This City On Mixed Metaphors (notes and scraps)

There are no smiles here to be cracked
just shattered dreams and broken backs
hope lives in the town next door
not battered on the rocky shores
upon which they had long been dashed
in the oil drenched ancient past
through which few souls had dared to crawl
through hopelessness itself a wall.

One Minute Rhyme about feeling good in the morning

upon the terracotta tiles
splashes sunlight’s wine
and giddy on this summer day
I smile on what is mine
those blessings once uncounted
in days before the sun
when nighttime shadows threatened
my soul to overcome
but now dark thoughts are scattered
by early golden morns
which sweep away the demon’s old
to leave me newly born

Fun With Flags

you can line a little budgie’s cage
build a hammock on the shore
wrap your butties in them
if you’re on a walking tour
as a blanket for some puppies
or cut them up for rags
make bunting for a party piece
stitch them into shopping bags
make a teddy for a baby’s crib
or a curtain for your door
but never raise them on your poles
and follow them to war.

The Shooting Star

there is a lake, an inland sea
where all life’s ripples dwell
and deep into it’s blackened water
an asteroid once fell
this rock had travelled all through time
from behind a midnight’s moon
to take its leave of heaven’s host
here in this green lagoon
and here it was I found it
this star like shining gold
for me to keep it as a dream
forever mine to hold.

In my dream

In my dream
we found the lake at sunset
the light like stained glass
behind the whispering trees

in my dream
the shining water’s ripples
refracted upon your skin
and imagination seized

in my dream
the world hummed a bossanova
each note would wet my lips
with the song of our kiss

in my dream
the dance we danced consumed
and with every passioned step
heartbeat’s almost missed

in my dream
we became one after dark
the fresh spring night
our blanket sheets

in my dream
you dreamed me too
so we’d wake to morning’s touch
and make both dreams complete.