naive poetry

Time Rhyme

there was a time
before our time
where time did what it will
to move the earth
witness rebirths
and though time does this still
this new found time
which on us shines
for reasons we can’t know
is time as he
should ever be
and with him we will go
into a time
not yet defined
down roads he has to build
that though unclear
we’ll walk unfeared
and to time’s desires yield

You Can’t See The Wood

today we’ll plant a million trees
but cut two million down
and those that fall we do not see
so they don’t make a sound
it doesn’t matter what we grow
be it cedar, pine or oak
as they in time will likely go
and thus the world will choke
but still we’ll plant a million trees
two million to replace
for this is part of the disease
we call the human race.