naive poetry

A Simple Poem

I cannot dance, I cannot sing
I cannot do most anything
But should I have a little time
I’ll attempt to prove that I can rhyme
in doing so then I can try
to show there’s more than meets the eye
to these, my metered strings of phrase
which with a measured thought I weighed
and set out thus in couplet style
in hopes to show I have no guile
no great wisdom to impart
no secrets of the head or heart
just a simple yen to spin
my words into this ode within.


Unfinished Dream

old fish cakes
and belly aches
chased me through the night
into the arms,
and suspect charms
of an unexpected sight
a shoddy king
with shiny rings
hugged and kissed me so
and ‘fore i woke,
the words he spoke
I didn’t want to know.

my love, you’ve died
his tears belied
for never did he weep
I took your dreams
and wiped them clean
when you were prone asleep
you’re now bereft
for I am death
the king of all that’s born
and now you know
so you must go
away from thoughts of dawn.

Angels (notes)

the good angels of our natures
denied ascension’s wings
make do with us as best they can
with such flawed lesser beings
no haloed golden crowns atop
theor often shaking heads
instead of battles eternal fought
they guide our souls instead
and in their glow we find our light
and make us more than clay
so in the end our heaven sought
they help us to create