Reimagined Moon Sonnet

there is nought within the moon
that itself should flavour love
but those passions we imbue above
at the times we both commune
and in such meetings are we immune
to desires it’s beams speak thereof
the silvered light of the beloved
music of the spheres, the tune
which cause our hearts a merry dance
weightless as our sister’s face
and for the future’s blessed chance
that we should glory in the grace
of love’s devout eternity
in her sea of pure tranquility


Who fills this night air with perfume
that silent breeze which does consume
all senses sacred and profane
the thoughts of madmen and the sane
devoted, in the darkest hours,
praise lavished on this heaven’s flower
that silver bloom of perfect light
blessed goddess of midnight.

She, the full moon and with her birth
are passions stirred within this earth.