love song

Naive Rhyme At Teatime

You are the song
I’ve yet to sing
the birds I’ve not
seen on wing
you are the reason
to my rhyme
the tide that waits
upon my time
you are the lover
down the lane
and the moon
of waxen wanes
you are the rainbow
‘fore the rain
those moments which
won’t come again
you are simply
all the desires
for which I’ve waited
you are you
in all your ways
so please receive
my rhyme today.

A Naive Little Song I Sort of Sung to Myself on the Train

I loved a girl on the beach in Spain
only we both didn’t know it then
destiny would see to it
was just a matter of when
she had no cares in eighty eight
or whenever it may have been
and nor did I wherever I was
that changed when I had seen
the woman she grew into
before I even knew her name
and from the moment I held her
something inside me changed.