Mercyside Saga Part One

across the River Mercy
we sailed our ship of fools
all the way from Jerkinbed
to the port of Liddypool
on the foam we joked anew
and old songs sung we high
to people in the tea room
who watched the wheels go by
then fell the sun as Fairclough ran
red as shepherds pie
as we landed by the king
up on his horse so high
across a bridge and down the steps
to fountains full of air
that rhymed of evenings yet to come
when I saw her standing there

I dreamed we was in Liddypool (extended 12 inch demo remixed version)

I dreamed I was in Liddypool
with the lions of Georgie’s Hall
I rode them all like butterflies
and they didn’t mind at all.

We rode up to the wigwam
but Paddy wasn’t home
so we left a message with mum
for him to text us on me phone.

Driving down up Lord Street
met Vicky on her pouffe
we tried so hard to amuse her
but she thought us quite uncouth.