The Rose Revealed

scarlet slips the rose revealing
that of her she hides away
soft petals inhibitions stealing
her silken garment’s passions stray
perfumed warm her scent is healing
I lose myself in her bouquet.

red the virgin mountain rose
showing thorns to all but me
without resistance, heart exposed
as nectar to the honey bee
intoxicating pollen blows
and shows the air her ecstasy

Irish Daisies

bold you are
as bold as brass
not caring
if you hold the grass
to your biting
for its manicured
green finery
it matters less
to dandelions
that they impress
more flowers finer
held by the world
in much esteem
as these gold spirits
simply seem
to grow and grow
without a thought
the other blooms
In beds to court
as bold as brass
so bold are they
to speckle grass
as gold as day.