flash fiction

The Fabled Sage (micro-fiction)

sagacious was he
held in esteem by men
yet nuisance to the gods,
for whom his wisdom
had little time,
thus from the heavens
his infidelity was rewarded
with temptation,
an angel to distract his works
thus his pen was silenced by his heart.

but only for moments
the briefest time
as the angel sent
to be his mistress
fell to her knees before him
enchanted by his songs
of rebellion and love
known not in celestial skies
and thus the nymph herself
became disciple
and the gods on high were lost.

for god’s on high, know not the heart.

Secret Origin : a short fiction as prose.

driven by an insatiable desire
to fight evil and injustice
but sadly lacking both
the physical means
and intellectual capacity
he would wait for thunderstorms,
whereupon he would douse himself
in a cocktail
of household chemicals
(a recipe he closely guarded)
and stand silently,
in the garden
hoping for the transformation
a direct lightning strike would bring.