in the half death
I had lines
profound rhymes
in the half death

in the half death
the world burned
my thoughts turned
in the half death

in the half death
monsters came
exposed my pain
in the half death

in the half death
my mind would break
and so i’d wake
from the half death

into half life.

A Dream

her dream rode on a sleeping mist
of poppy dust upon the breeze
and in that cloud most sensuous
I let the dream take hold of me
and breathed deep of her reverie
to discover her intent
and in my thoughts our dreams entwined
to please them with the consequences
that should arise if dream became
palpable, not fantasy
the bounds imagined overcome
by tangible reality.

Sonnet On A Short Dream

a face engraved in sculpted whole
from photographs faded and torn
upon his shoulder seemed to form
and from this magic bore a soul
lips which held but silent words
laid as silver on the glass
opened and their kiss did pass
effortlessly the world disturbed
thus are dreams realities
within the confines of closed eyes
such reveries I dare surmise
are the birth of fantasy
for in my mind my love’s as true
as flesh desires I feel for you.