10 Line Imaginings

in velvet did I dare to dream
of the silken warmth it spelled
and submitted willingly
to the little death it held
for me beyond the passioned kiss
the slumbered reveries promised
my fate was sealed in this embrace
that in waking I did taste
still its perfume in my bed
and fantasy fast in my head.

Dream 21.8.19

death visited
he was passing through town
and thought he’d drop by
we exchanged pleasantries
I offered tea and cake
as courtesy requires
he asked about the family
I commented on
how chipper he seemed
we talked about football
and film stars and climate change
how the summer was a washout
but perhaps September
would surprise us
quite civilised,
our intercourse
but still
I felt obliged
to check the family silver
once he’d said “au-revoir”