Dark Dream

on dark unnatural seas sail I
from safe shores lost to memory
hopeless courses under skies
no sextant reads to offer me
safe comfort from the screaming deep
t’would seem as my anointed fate
the storm roars black within my sleep
that only waking may abate
yet dawn comes not to end my plight
from its terrors me to save
so through these ever longing nights
I must these grievous oceans brave

A Stream

is this wooden bridge my dream
or the silver stream it crossed
perhaps the guarding trees in green
watch upon the sleeping lost
who wander down this way of mind
in night-time reveries a glow
for this dreamer seeks to find
that which ancient glades may know.

I wade into unconscious water
far beyond the reasoned world
now complete in slumbers caught
I let this flowing dream unfurl
and hope among my mind’s landscapes
the world of waking be forgot
for this reality of mindscapes
should true paradise allot.


I fall
past windows,
waterfalls of sulphur
I fall
yet have no sense
of time
nor space
in relation
to my place
I fall
through glass
and pass
through mountains
of steel
as a ghost
I fall
in all directions
it seems
I fall
through moments
and years, past and gone
yet knowing
the fears
I held
about falling
are not the rocks
that may well
be below
but are the white clouds
from which I fell.