Faux Folk Song

St. Patrick sailed from Tithebarn Street
or so the story goes
and sailed across the Irish Sea
a thousand years ago
and all the snakes in Ireland
did quiver in their skins
as they’d heard St Paddy
had come to do them in.

St. Patrick sailed from Tithebarn Street
in dark old Liverpool
where woodlands fell as sailors tell
for ships the seas to rule
and on board such a sturdy bough
he sighted Eire’s green
and all the serpents quaked and shook
he’d come to do them in.

A Minstrel Born

a minstrel born of poet’s heart
for heart a minstrel needs
as in my songs and ballads pure
my soul marks all its deeds,

so gentle is the writer’s heart
yet cruel and cold at times
the poet lives but for his verse
and breathes but in his rhymes

and though I may write a million words
as write them all I must
it matters not for like my heart
they one day will be dust,

Farewell To Song

farewell to song
you did me wrong
though your intent was pure
you spoke in smiles
with words beguiling
I can hear no more

farewell my muse
I did not choose you
when you came to play
bewitching airs
that my heart stirred
but now I must away..

away from verse
that did divert my
heart from other things
but in my leaving
’tis self deceiving
for I’ll return to you…
…and sing

Hey with a gay and a grinding Oh! (or …. I try to ballad in the old ways)

I read about the miller’s lass
from way on way back when
her fancies ran to lusty beaus
who rode up through the glen

to court her for her countenance
and for flaxen hair
its beauty famed across the burghs
fine as the mountain air

which kissed dew with a gentle breeze
as mornings in the May
and upon those misty morns
her suitors fair and gay

would dare to share a first embrace
beside the singing streams
and once they’d kissed, forevermore
she’d live within their dreams.

Love Is Gone Away (A Naive Ballad)

the bells have all stopped ringing
there are no choirs singing
no butterflies through sunflowers winging
for love is gone away

the children gave up playing
the breeze kissed trees stopped swaying
what good would it be praying
now love is gone away

no sweethearts softly sighing
the swallows gave up flying
my heart is slowly dying
as love is gone away.