To The Earth Returned

life falls away
a brilliance of light
and colour
paint its elegy
not long ago
it warmed the forest
a thousand birdsongs
and sang along,
yet now
it hears no more
the winged affirmation
of earthbound angels
nor does it dance
as partner to the breeze

no, life has fell away
returned to sodden earth
where colour and song
hold no sway.

The Elm in The West Wind

The tall elm writhes
and sighs
at your touch
a gasp
from spreading boughs
as your unseen fingers
find places never known
by the lesser elements
she scatters her leaves
which turn and trip
a terpsichorean flight
of wayward grace
upon your breath.

Naked, she shivers,
though not with fears,
save the fear
you will not grace her
with another kiss.

The last geese

I cast myself to the skies
to fly among the final geese
those that go by night
screaming their last goodbyes
as they discard this northern fall.
For a moment
I’m sure I understand their calls
both soulful at the loss of one summer
yet hopeful of that new one to come.

Dare I too, as each winter approaches,
anticipate a fresh spring?