Oh avocado
you’re so hard
whatever shall I do?
needless to say
my guacamole
must now wait a day or two.


Angels (notes)

the good angels of our natures
denied ascension’s wings
make do with us as best they can
with such flawed lesser beings
no haloed golden crowns atop
theor often shaking heads
instead of battles eternal fought
they guide our souls instead
and in their glow we find our light
and make us more than clay
so in the end our heaven sought
they help us to create

The Ironed Spider : Verse One

There was a little spider in my laundry
that was until I switched my iron on
he may have enjoyed hopes and dreams aplenty
but sadly all those hopes and dreams are gone
for he misadventured deep into my trousers
but alas he’ll never crawl in them again
as in a sweep and puff of scalding screaming steam
he transformed into a little eight legged stain.