All The World Is Staged

You say potato,
but then again so do I
(except of course when abroad,
wherein they have many names
for what is after all, just a spud)
So can it be surprising
you see a step ladder
and I see a balcony,
a husting stump
for the dress rehearsal
of a Judy/Mickey musical number,
or the immovable
representation of an
existential challenge
in the story arc
of a rather bleak
and confusing
though emotionally charged
piece of Brechtian theatre?
Let’s put on a show!

Older Poems #29 : Train

I could always write on trains
they bring urgency to every word
I rattle over junctions
with ease
mysteries to solve
prove childsplay
and the destination closer
with each line,
the world flying backwards
faces and forms
met for a moment
as my mind speeds forwards
tracks forcing my perspective
to the final stop….

….all change please.