The Monkey Puzzle

climbing monkey puzzle trees
on Sunday afternoons
looking for horizons
which couldn’t come too soon
I met a puzzled monkey
or perhaps a chimpanzee
who’s beard was long and white as snow
and he stroked it thoughtfully
and then he said in chattered tones
“search not what’s out of view
just live your life in your own time
and what’s meant will come to you”

Dream House

I don’t really want a dream house
I’d rather build a tree-house
high atop a sturdy English oak
you may think that it’s juvenile
and view me with a skeptic smile
but I assure you it isn’t a joke
I’d live quite happy in the leaves
with squirrels hiding in my eaves
and a woodpecker instead of a doorbell
should a storm shake up the tree
the woodland doves would protect me
by shedding feathers just in case I fell.