Month: November 2020

Once Untitled & Unfinished

look cold upon this rain soaked ground
for it holds the sands below
of times when all my bones were sound
and of when my eyes did glow.

for once this earth was gold with light
and on its lawns my heart had played
with sharper mind and spirit’s flight
did I waste this youth away.

but now the storm of age has come
and with it clouds of grey remorse
skies held abandoned by the sun
that shone upon my life’s full course.

Red Thoughts

let the scarlet dreams evolve
beyond the bonds of your repose
to take hold of your consciousness
and their hues on it impose
for red is passion primary
and paints desires in true design
so fired senses must not sleep
but burn the brush of every line
in the hold of wakefulness
when every stroke enflames the skin
to blush in roses bloody tones
and therefore not be kept within.


Into the tropics I would sail
and risk the unknown deeps
brave the unforgiving gales
while lesser men would gentle sleep
safe in bed at hearth and home,
my lust would overwhelm my sense
across dread oceans I would roam
without thought of consequence,
as the prize my conquests brings
beyond horizons lost to view
are more than bejeweled golden things
instead ‘twould be a glimpse of you.