Thoughts of Bono whilst watching 60s Action Films

I’ve just been watching Bullitt
starring Steve McQueen
and thought does Bono have a mullet
still sometimes in a dream
Is Sgt. Bilko really funny
or Seinfeld come to that
and my thoughts come back to Bono
and why does he wear a hat?

I tried to lose this chain of thought
about said Irish Band
but a reverie on sparrows
had them all in Raybans
and wearing little leather pants
which I can’t shake from my mind
and other thoughts I’m looking for
I still have yet to find

so I won’t watch old 60s flicks
as madness they inspire
my mind is playing burning tricks
in unforgettable fires
I may instead watch silent films
with Charlie Chaplin’s crew
perhaps I can think of finer things
hopefully of you too.

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