Month: July 2019

Auld Drinking Song

we made our beer from silver pearls
stolen from the naughty girls
we met upon our voyage to
Camden Lock via Timbuktu
and in that ale’s fine dizzy haze
we navigated through the days
from breakfast through to dinnertime
when we supped on barley wine
that did inflict such golden glows
from our heads down to our toes
but even such gold could ne’er compare
to that pearl beer’s mal de mer

1974 (again)

You were on the monkey bars
and I was on the swings
I think I could have loved you
if I’d known then of such things
Instead I sat and watched you
as you hung upside down
and wondered at your bravery
with my feet fast on the ground
I dared not even swing a bit
being frightened of the rush
I ponder now what would have been
if I’d asked you for a push.