Month: January 2019

Little Yellow Elephant (a nursery rhyme)

the little yellow elephant
came down from timbuktu
as he’d forgotten who he was
not knowing what to do
his ticket stamped
and trunk all packed
he climbed aboard the train
then off into the distant lands
his memories to regain
and there it was in Chester Zoo
I met him over here
and told him all that he must know
which made it very clear
so the little yellow elephant
now filled with hope again
packed up his trunk and trundled off
to catch his homeward train

Red Sails

I set my red sails ‘fore no wind
in waters black with oil and calm
to a sea of silent monsters, blind
I was to the depths of harm
that dwelt below the mirror’s face
primeval nightmares, eons old
which slither silver from a place
of bloody ends, infernal cold.
Crimson masted tattered ghosts
drifted ‘ward me doldrum slow
and empty faces formed the host
leading me where, I do not know
then suddenly the water’s turned
the surface world around my keel
salt and pitch my life’s breath burned
and in that wave, death’s face…

In My Dream

In my dream
we found the lake at sunset
the light like stained glass
behind the whisper’d trees

in my dream
the shining water’s ripples
refracted upon your skin
and imagination seized

in my dream
the world hummed a bossanova
each note would wet my lips
with the song of our kiss

in my dream
the dance we danced consumed
and with every passioned step
heartbeat’s almost missed

in my dream
we became one after dark
the fresh spring night
our blanket sheets

in my dream
you dreamed me too
so we’d wake to morning’s touch
and make both dreams complete.