Month: December 2018

Mahler’s Bicycle

Gustav nipped off into town
on his safety bicycle
and as the wheels turned round and round
his thoughts turned to the musical
upon the bars sat a french horn
the saddle a violin
and both the wheels were cymbals
they did make such a din
at passing horses he would ring
his little tingling bell
and at the crossroads he would sing
and conduct traffic as well.

X Libris (2016 version revisited)

allow my fingers
to run
along your spine
and open you
for the first time
and kiss
your preface
gentle with my
eager glances,
and let me
slowly soak up
every word
and phrase,
all passages
in each chapter
newly encountered,
entangle me
in your plot-twists
then forbid
my hands
to lay you
down again
your denouement
is revealed
on the final page