The Song

in the green wood long ago
there grew the smallest tree
and in its branches
there did grow
a bird too small
for all to see
this tiny bird it sang a song
which calmed even the wildest beast
and through the forest winter long
this little bird he sang of peace.

one morning cold in winter deep
the woodsman came with axe in hand
and as he thought which tree to reap
that song of peace rang ‘cross the land
and his wield was therein stayed
as music filled his heart now gay
never more to swing his blade
as calmed by peace he was that day.

In these times of strife and woe
of intemperate worldly wrongs
into that forest we should go
and listen to that ancient song
such innocence of form and grace
not from a great bird but the least
and in that dark and earthly place
be filled with light…
…and hope…
…and peace.

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