Month: October 2018

Black Cat (unfinished)

a piece of night cut from the dark
she watches each and every move
and sits aloof so far apart
from the world, until she soothes
my tired thoughts with just a glance
her green eyes holding fix on mine
and leads my thoughts a merry dance
with her wiles and ways feline
she is both queen and courtesan
her nature fierce and fair
she knows me more than any can
and less than any care…

The Shaving Conundrum

I cannot get the razor in my wrinkles
they’re far too deep to get a blade in there
I remember when these crevices were dimples
but back then I didn’t have the facial hair
I guess I need to buy a pair of tweezers
or Brazilian wax if that does not seem weird
but whatever I decide it needs to be quite soon
as I cannot walk around with wrinkle beards

In Syndication (an anthem repeated)

I live in an imagined land
unknown to any chart
as yet fully unexplored
and from the world apart

It has no flag, no capital
save for my mind’s desires
no countryside to speak of
no green nor splendour’d shires

an undiscovered country
belonging just to me
I sit inside its borders
and sing my poetry

But to anyone who’ll listen
you’re welcome as my guest
to sit beside the babbling streams
of my subconsciousness.