Month: October 2018

The Other Morning

she wakes to another morning
one brighter now than mine
which goes beyond this earthly realm
and knows no place or time
the day beyond will never end
nor darken with the night
it’s sun is fixed in brightest dawnings
bathed in golden lights
the shadows that surround us
cannot find her there
these lost souls of a setting sun
cause not the slightest care
and so this dream eternal
warms her in her rest
and one day in thay morning
I may journey if I’m blessed

one minute rhyme writ fast

was it written in the stars
did runic cards fortell?
has a witch enchanted me
with an ancient spell?
can it be pure coincidence
or luck which led me here
fortuitous happenstance
that lifted my heart clear
from darkness which encompassed it
before you touched it so
what mysteries discovered us
I guess I’ll never know
nor dwell upon the magic
that brought us to this place
accepting that it is just so
and always was my fate.

The Cat and the Banana (a nonsense rhyme)

I hypnotized my cat with a banana
it really wasn’t hard as you would feel
he watched attentively as I procured it
then sat there all amazed during the peel
he doesn’t get this way when I have apples
and peaches leave him feeling laissez-faire
there is something mesmerizing ’bout bananas
that stops him in his tracks and makes him purr.