Month: July 2018

Mirror Man

silent but for the echoes
of my every breath
the mirror man, my companion
from now until my death
ever changing yet the same
face greets me into day
when I’m gone I wonder
is he in the glass to stay
to formulate tomorrow
haunting the futures new
be careful dear reader
one day he’ll visit you


Into the tropics I would sail
and risk the unknown deeps
brave the unforgiving gales
while lesser men would gentle sleep
safe in bed at hearth and home,
my lust would overwhelm my sense
across dread oceans I would roam
without thought of consequence,
as the prize my conquests brings
beyond horizons lost to view
are more than bejeweled golden things
instead ‘twould be a glimpse of you.


glumly gliding glockenspiel
banging blocky bells
wasted woody wifflenotes
softly splitting spells
every eager elbow
bends in on violins
and at the rear the tattledrums
hold the beatings in
a cricket batting stone guitar
strums striking miners moans
the flippy flute blows succour
upon the slide jawbones
then soon this song is over
with fader fingers poised
these steady bars of foolish gold
just descending into noise.