Month: June 2018


the morning is a silent film
which plays upon the rain
that falls with dreamlike images
upon my window pane

the morning is a film noir
in shades of darkened gray
soaked forboding atmosphere
stain the coming day

the morning is expressionist
more so than the night
which though exudes a sombre air
needs juxtaposing light.

and so I trace the raindrops
stark credits turning in
and house lights break the fantasy
before the final “fin.

The Daily Magpie

the lonesome magpie is I feel
the bird which mostly does reveal
more about myself it seems
oft appearing in my dreams
though not in sorrow like the rhyme
but he’s a joyous friend of mine
so I salute when he appears
not from the superstitious fears
which man in ancient times held fast
from ill omen-ed shadows he had cast
but out of my own happiness
that too my waking hours he blessed.