Month: May 2018

History Lesson : a short fiction as prose

It’s a warm evening
in May 2088
the air is filled
with sounds and scents
of brand new life
and the oldest man in the world
enthralls the glowing faces
of the children
in the makeshift schoolhouse
regaling them
with tales of the final battles
in the war against the machines
and how humanity was saved
by an electric toaster.

Unfinished Lines At A Graveside

I spent the day among the dead
who lived in times I’d never known
each love and smile and furrowed brow
reduced to scratches cut in stone
I thought upon this pilgrimage
my reverie on shared consequence
and realised these markers cold
divided me as would a fence
from my world filled with life and light
and theirs for which all suns had shone
and how for eons such a place
bordered between here and gone