Month: October 2017

Doctor’s Waiting Room (a one minute rhyme)

The Swedish royal family
blankly smiling back at me
from pages turned a thousand
nervous times
some bugger’s filled the crossword in
but five down seemed too hard for him
concentration likely broken by the chimes
of each new patient sitting down
and apprehensive, looking round
as if their checking likely competition
in the quest to be called next
and so released from waiting stress
to escape this awful room and all its tension

Red Balloon

I tried to catch a red balloon
which floated overhead
but obviously I grabbed too hard
so it popped apart instead
and it was filled with some ideas
blown from here to there
and these I chased to catch as well
as they foated through the air
like trying to catch the wind itself
or leaves blown in a gale
I tried and tried to hold just one
but all to no avail
so if in balloons you place your dreams
your wishes, or your thoughts
be sure to tie them with long strings
as they’re much easier caught