Month: January 2017

One Minute Rhyme (un)Mark(ed) : Rock n Roll Butterfly

playing rock n roll
in a glory hole
a mansized butterfly
who’d sold its soul
wrapped its lacy wings around
a greased up pole
and sang a song of tuppence
to the birds.
a spider in the corner
came and played the drums
bashing up the cymbals
with his countless thumbs
he rolled his compound eye
until the butterfly comed
up with the melody
and words.

Blog Remixes #1 : 1974 (originally released March 16)

You were on the monkey bars
and I was on the swings
I think I could have loved you
if I’d known then of such things
Instead I sat and gazed at you
as you hung upside down
and wondered at your bravery
with my feet fast on the ground
I dared not even swing a bit
being frightened of the rush
I ponder now what would have been
if I’d asked you for a push.