Month: December 2016

Crimbo Lines

those weeks before Christmas
that dragged on like years
of dark Ready Brek mornings
in the thick December fog
before catalytic converters
that we’d cut through
pretending our breath
was cigarette smoke exhaled
on the way to the schoolyard
to boast our earnest belief
that upon Christmas morning
those fantasies we’d seen
in the back of your auntie’s
Autumn and Winter edition
of Grattan’s catalogue
would bulge the pillowcases
tied to the end of the bed

two dreams (a one minute rhyme yet to be numbered)

your dream was about raccoons
whilst mine was all about balloons
I like to think that we met inbetween
to trade our nightime stories
in all their surreal glory
and see what symbolisn we could gleen
for the devil’s in the detail
and raccoons they have those stripy tails
and my balloon had stripes for all to see
so it may seem happenstance
especially at first glance
but I dreamed of you, and you in turn of me.