Month: November 2016

One Minute Rhyme Mark XL : Seasons Greetings

cover me in fairy lights
and put me on a tree
hang tinsel round my baubles
in time for Christmas eve
then stuff a twig of mistletoe
anywhere you’d care
to make me look all seasonal
so no-one stops and stares
as soon it will be Crimbo
and I want to look the part
to wish you all the very best
from the bottom of my heart

Nobel Thoughts (unfinished)

The angry young men
all growed up and died
or else they are dripping
with glittering prizes
bestowed by the people
that they never would be
back in their youth
when they spoke out for me
did change come to them
instead of the world
do they still even notice
how it all unfurled
or do cares blow away
like leaves in the wind
and as spring turns to autumn
do we become blind