Month: September 2016

One Minute Rhyme Mark XXX : Conkers Bonkers

On Chestnut Grove
a chestnut tree grows
and horses live
on its boughs
Indian ponies
all painted and daubed
can be heard
through the rustle and howls
of the angry west wind
that plays with the leaves
when the autumn
has set summer to bed
and when comes the fall
the horsemen ride tall
and shoot all the cowboys
stone dead.

Technical Support

she called the helpline every night
the music in the queue
she found quite calming
a Brazilian girl strolling on a beach
she thought about
and envied her just a little
though the soft eastern scented voices with whom she spoke
were company for her
in a way the budgie wasn’t
she’d invent problems
grinding clunking sounds and
hieroglyphic error messages
and disc drive disasters
that somehow
were impossible to solve
though she didn’t own a computer
she’d read up on them
in books from the mobile library
that way, when the little bird slept
she could call the helpline every night