Month: August 2016

the talkie bit in the middle of a yet to be written love song

She stirs from slumber
and the world takes note
and starts
to spin again
the moon submits
to the early light
and the sun decides
to slip between
the curtains
and shine its
first rays softly
kissing her forehead
into the morning
there could be rain
but it matters not
as her eyes open
blue skies abound
she is the new day
the perfect new day

Mr K Has Green Trousers

Mr K has green trousers
he wears them every day
when the weather’s dreadful
he’s always bright and gay
although they are a little short
and you can see his socks
his verdant stride
and obvious pride
offset initial shocks
about how tight
they are around the bum
and when he comes towards you
you can see he’s far from glum
so give three cheers
and shout hurray
for the wonderful pants
of the indomitable Mr. K