Month: July 2016

The Hasslein Principle

This line comes
before this line
and this one after that
sometimes I’ll leave
a gap between

oh heavens!
fancy that!
Some lines I write
go backwards
fit them make to just
and some should
be read quietly
so not to make a fuss
Some lines
I fold quite forcibly
the words within
I bend
and some like
this one following
just belong at the end.

Twelve Lines Too Long

I went to buy a biscuit tin
but nothing could be found
there’s someone in my basement
who’s spinning round and round
My harmonica is marzipan
and tastes like cyanide
I tried to build a model aeroplane
and glue myself inside
Outside there is a naughty duck
who is singing rugby songs
and I realised this little verse
is now twelve lines too long.