Month: May 2016

Cold War Dreams

I want to go to Cuba
and read some Graham Greene
and smoke cigars
upon the shore
with Russian spies
in linen suits
with perfectly
home county accents
and pretend
we’re all on business trips
in ladies undergarments
the disingenuous civility
making for the perfect
Caribbean evening
in 1956.

One Minute Rhyme Mark II

Diabetic catnip
curled up in a ball
four and twenty schoolgirls
sitting on the wall
every little twinkle star
shines above for you
behind the velvet curtains
painted black and blue
In the cupboard’s second shelf
behind the Worcester sauce
snoring rather loudly
lives a tiny horse
he doesn’t have a jockey
and dreams of being free
like a wing-ed Pegasus
sat up in a tree.