This thought began
on a Monday
the grass wet
the earth soft and giving
it fell as a seed
onto ground
not stone’ed
but parable rich
and there it lay
resting warm
Tuesday’s sun
kissed its face
and small green
shoots emerged
from the blankets
pushing aside
some doubts
on their way
to the light
It breathed air
at last on Wednesday
fresh in the world
yet exposed
already rooted
in my psyche
yet still in danger
of faltering
or falling prey
to the shadows
the thick bracken
of earlier thoughts
that were left untended
and so grew wild
into doubts and fears
and reticent insecurities
but Thursday’s rain
nourished its green
shoots and called it forth
into the sunlight of
Friday’s embrace
ready to come into its own
to bloom
its delicate petals
to open and expose
the intricacies of
its vexing natural
beauty to my senses
and be expressed
to be spoken
to be sung.


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