Month: January 2016

Another Memory

Next to the crematorium
above an underpass
where graffiti formed a gallery
for passing sewer rats
was the Café Buena Vista
where we watched the sky
make shadows long one evening
across your face and mine
that was ten thousand dreams ago
when the spring held court
the days stretched out before us
at least that’s what we thought
now your dreaming’s over
and shadows took your place
in the Café Buena Vista
where once the sun shone on your face.

A Little Spanish Fly

The fly that’s in my ointment
flew in from Madrid
so when I heard him ‘hola!’
I left him in the lid.
He’d flown in with Lufthansa
and had a lovely time
asking when he’d land in Hamburg
the stewardess said ‘nein!’
He’s a wonder on the castanets
this little Spanish Fly
He’s been a buzzin’ visitor
it’s been hard to say goodbye.